01000 General Contractor08400 Entrances, Storefronts, Glazing and Curtain Wall Systems
01002 Airports08500 Metal Windows
01003 Churches08600 Wood and Plastic Windows
01004 Commercial08650 Special Windows
01005 Design/Build08700 Hardware
01006 Heavy/Highway08810 Glass
01007 Industrial Maintenance09050 Basic Finish Materials And Methods
01008 Industrial09056 Moisture Vapor Barrier Emission Control
01009 Institutional09120 Ceiling Suspension
01010 Pre-Engineered Buildings09200 Lath and Plaster
01011 High-Rise Office09250 Drywall
01012 Low-Rise Office09300 Tile and Terrazzo
01013 High-Rise Apartments09500 Acoustical Treatment
01014 Low-Rise Apartments09550 Wood Flooring
01015 Waste Water Treatment09600 Stone & Masonry Flooring
01016 Construction Manager09610 Cultured Marble
01017 Facilities Manager09650 Soft Flooring
01018 Historical Renovation09680 Carpet
01019 Tenant Finish09700 Special Flooring and Floor Treatment
01021 Interior Finish09790 Paint Removal
01024 Farm Buildings09800 Special Coatings
01025 HealthCare Facilities/Services09900 Painting and Wall Coverings
01026 Hangar & Maintenance Facilities09950 Wall Coverings
01030 Industrial & Commercial09980 Sandblasting
01031 Custom Built Homes10150 Compartments and Cubicles
01032 Residential Multi-Family10200 Louvers, Vents and Screens
01033 Retail10270 Access Flooring
01040 Other Specialty Construction10280 Specialty Modules
01060 Construction Management / Coordination Firm10300 Fireplaces and Stoves
01310 Project Scheduling10340 Prefabricated Exterior Specialties
01330 Engineering Services10400 Identifying Devices
01380 Construction Documentation10450 Pedestrian Control Devices
01400 Quality Control Services10500 Lockers
01500 Temporary Facilities10520 Fire Protection Specialties
01525 Construction Aids10530 Protective Covers
01580 Project Identification and Signs10600 Partitions
01600 Construction Equipment10650 Operable Partitions
01710 Construction Cleaning Services10700 Exterior Sun Control Devices
01715 Fire, Water, Odor, Hazardous Cleaning Services10800 Toilet and Bath Accessories
01732 Cutting & Patching10900 Wardrobe and Closet Specialties
02010 Site Work Supplier10950 Miscellaneous Specialties
02040 Aggregate Manufacture Supplier11010 Maintenance Equipment
02050 Demolition11060 Theater and Stage Equipment
02055 Demolition Hazardous Materials11110 Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment
02060 Off-site Transportation and Disposal11130 Audio Visual Equipment
02065 Cement11140 Vehicle Service Station Equipment
02100 Site Preparation11145 Air Compressor
02105 Earthwork Supplies11150 Parking Control Equipment
02107 Geosynthetics11160 Loading Dock Equipment
02140 Dewatering11170 Solid Waste Handling Equipment
02150 Excavation Support & Shoring Systems11200 Water Supply and Treatment Equipment
02240 Soil Stabilization11300 Fluid Waste Treatment and Disposal Equipment
02280 Soil Treatment11400 Food Service Equipment
02315 Man Hole Covers11450 Residential Equipment
02350 Piling11460 Unit Kitchens
02380 Caissons/Drilled Piers11500 Industrial and Process Equipment
02450 Railroad Work11900 Miscellaneous Specialty Equipment
02480 Marine Work12100 Artwork
02485 Marine Diving12300 Manufactured Casework
02510 Asphalt Paving12335 Medical Casework
02513 Asphalt Paving Concrete Materials12390 Residential Casework
02515 Unit Pavers12400 Lighting
02516 Base Courses12500 Window Treatment
02520 Concrete Paving12620 Furniture, Furniture Systems, and Furniture Accessories
02525 Curbs12670 Rugs and Mats
02530 Athletic Paving & Surfacing13020 Integrated Assemblies
02580 Pavement Marking13030 Special Purpose Rooms
02600 Site Utilities Pressure Piping13090 Radiation Protection
02700 Sewerage and Drainage13120 Pre-Engineered Structures
02710 Septic Systems13129 Metal Building Systems
02760 Restoration of Underground Pipelines13150 Pools
02770 Ponds and Reservoirs13160 Ice Rinks
02800 Site Improvements13200 Liquid and Gas Storage Tanks
02830 Fences & Gates13300 Utility Control Systems
02900 Landscaping and Irrigation13400 Industrial and Process Control Systems
03010 Concrete Contractors13600 Solar Energy Systems
03050 Concrete Supplier13700 Wind Energy Systems
03100 Concrete Formwork13800 Building Automation Systems
03200 Concrete Reinforcing14200 Elevators
03210 Reinforcing Steel13900 Fire Suppression and Supervisory Systems
03300 Cast-In-Place Concrete14400 Lifts
03310 Cement Supplier14450 Vehicle Lifts
03320 Ready-Mix Concrete14500 Material Handling Systems
03345 Concrete Placing and Finishing14560 Chutes
03346 Concrete Curling Suppler14600 Hoists and Cranes
03347 Grout14800 Scaffolding, Slings and Rigging
03350 Special Finish Concrete15000 Mechanical
03360 Specially Placed Concrete15050 Basic Mechanical Materials And Methods
03400 Precast Concrete15230 Industrial Process Piping
03460 Site Cast Precast Concrete15250 Mechanical Insulation
03480 Precast Concrete Specialties15300 Fire Protection
03500 Cementitious Decks15400 Plumbing
03541 Hydraulic Cement Underlayment15500 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
03700 Concrete Restoration and Cleaning15510 Heating Boilers And Accessories
04200 Masonry15800 Process Piping & Equipment
04331 Brick Masonry Supplies15950 Controls
04332 Mortar & Masonry Grout15990 Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
04333 Reinforced Unit Masonry16100 Electrical
04336 Washed Sand & Gravel16300 Site Electrical Distributions
04400 Stone16320 High Voltage Distribution, Switching & Protection
04500 Masonry Restoration and Cleaning16400 Industrial Electrical Work
04550 Special Masonry Installations16670 Lightening Protection Systems
05010 Structural Metal Erection16700 Communications
05050 Basic Metal Materials and Methods16750 Alarm Systems
05100 Structural Framing16800 Fiber Optic Cabling
05105 Millwright16900 Controls
05110 Rigging16950 Testing
05120 Structural Steel20100 Accounting/Auditing
05210 Steel Joists20101 Advertising/Promotions
05214 Steel Stair Systems20103 Architects
05300 Metal Decking20104 Attorneys/Lawyers
05400 Cold Formed Metal Framing20105 Banking
05410 Load Bearing Metal Studs20106 Bonding
05500 Miscellaneous Metal Fabrications20107 Business Planning
05520 Metal Handrails & Railings20108 Claims Consultant
05535 Gratings and Floor Plates20109 Computer Consulting
05700 Ornamental Metal20110 Computer Hardware
05900 Metal Restoration and Cleaning20111 Computer Networks
06090 Wood And Plastic Fastenings20112 Computer Software
06100 Rough Carpentry20113 Construction Publication
06130 Structural Wood Components20114 Developers
06170 Prefabricated Structural Wood20116 Engineer - Civil
06200 Finish Carpentry/Architectural Woodwork20117 Engineer - Environmental
06300 Lumber20118 Engineer - Mechanical/Industrial
06600 Plastic Fabrications20119 Engineer - Structural
06415 Countertops20120 Environmental Consulting/Monitoring
06900 Wood/Plastic Restoration and Cleaning20121 Environmental Protection
07100 Waterproofing/Dampproofing20122 Equipment Appraising
07200 Insulation20124 Insurance/Insurance Consulting
07240 Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems20125 Fuel-/Sales and Service
07250 Fireproofing20126 Investigations
07300 Shingles20127 Investment Counseling
07320 Roofing Tiles20128 Labor Contracting
07405 Roofing Supplier20129 Land Surveying
07400 Preformed Roofing and Cladding/Siding20130 Landscape Architects
07405 Roofing Supplier20131 Loss Prevention
07500 Membrane, Steel and Vinyl Roofing20132 Management Consulting
07700 Roof Specialties20133 Mobile Communications
07800 Skylights20134 Pension and Profit Sharing
07840 Firestopping20135 Photography/Arial Photography
07900 Joint Sealers20137 Publisher
08100 Metal Doors and Frames20138 Safety Consulting
08120 Special Metal Doors and Frames20139 Safety Management
08200 Wood and Plastic Doors20140 Safety Products
08300 Special Doors20141 Training and Education
08305 Access Doors22042 Fleet Management
08330 Overhead and Coiling Doors22043 Technology